50% tip included. Sounds about right.

A tip is something extra. It's not a requirement. When I give a tip it is because somebody went above and beyond. If I am forced to tip it is no longer a tip, it becomes a fee.

So rather than forcing me to pay a tip at a restaurant why not just raise your prices and let me decide whether or not I really should tip? Just pay your employees more and raise prices. It makes everything more uniform and measurable. Now you don't have to deal with the uncertainty of tips.

Tipped Wage

We hear all this talk about minimum wage yet people who receive tips are allowed to be paid way less than the minimum wage. It's called a tipped wage and it's $2.13/hour minimum. So of course restaurants and other services are going to enforce tipping. If you can't pay employees what they're worth (lower than minimum wage) then you'll opt for the next best thing and hire them for $2.13/hour and make them earn the rest through tips. It pisses your customers off and it sucks, but it's the only way you can hire cheap labor legally.

It's just another inconvenience for the customer. Why make them do more work? Why am I required to figure out how I'm going to tip everywhere I go? If I want to tip I will voluntarily do it and I'll be happy about it. When I do it at restaurants, while parking, for food delivery, for home services or whatever else, I should do it if the service went above and beyond and I am happy. But it shouldn't be a requirement. But it has to be because big brother got involved.

10% is no longer enough

The percentage keeps rising. If you go back just a few decades ago tipping 10% or less for most things was totally fine. But since the US came up with this brilliant minimum wage idea, and of course all the other problems in a government managed economy which lowers our standard of living, tips have to go up in order for employees to continue to make enough to want to work. Rather than just letting the free market pay them what they're worth and not have tips, instead the government had to convolute the whole situation and write extra laws for exceptions. It's just a mess. And now we're stuck with what we have.

Only in the United States

Most countries don't require tips. Almost all countries are logical and allow people to choose whether or not to tip, because that's what a tip is. But of course the US doesn't work that way. In the US you tip for everything and if you don't you're a bad person. You're also a bad person if you don't help poor people in America. I'm sure in the next few years it will be against the law to avoid giving money to homeless people. We already do it in the form of welfare to the poor. That's how we do it in America.

Service VS Price

If you're tipping for service why not tip the same for a more expensive meal with the same service as a less expensive meal? If I get a $4 drink that takes more time to pour than a $12 shot why am I supposed to tip more on the $12 shot? Are we tipping based off price or are we tipping based off service? Or are we just tipping to tip because that's what do?

Tip included

And of course, the clincher is when the service automatically adds the tip for you. $100 bill? Why not let us throw an extra $20 on there for your tip? Oh, you still want to tip on top of that? Sure, you can tip above the included tip. Don't forget our service fee, parking fee, sales tax and environment tax we also added to the bill. If you'd like to make a donation to help stop hunger you can always do that too if you're not yet feeling guilty enough.


Tipping is a joke. Pretty soon we're going to be tipping 50% and thinking that it is perfectly normal. Another day hanging with planet earthlings.

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Vanessa: Have you ever hired an

Have you ever hired an independent contractor? Depending on what kind of contractor you are hiring, they will bill you for any materials required to complete the job and then for labour, often this will be separated out in your invoice. Not tipping is like stiffing your contractor on the labour portion. The $9 you pay for a martini is the cost of the vodka, olives, and pre-determined cost to cover business expenses like rent, liquor license, utilities, wages, etc. If by law servers and bartenders fell under the same employee category as others, yes, tipping could be considered unnecessary. But under the law they are considered tipped employees and also have to "tip out" a portion of their sales to other staff members (a whole other issue the legality of which is debatable). If you do not tip you are literally making your server PAY to serve you. If you spend $100 on dinner and don't tip, but your server is required to tip out 5% of her sales at the end of the night, it COST her $5 to wait on you. This is absolutely messed up but it is the current reality everyone has to live in for now. As such not tipping makes you an asshole no matter how you slice it. I'm not saying it's necessary to tip more than at least 10% to at least cover your servers tip out costs. And as a businessman you would understand that a server will be MUCH more attentive to a customer who tips her 20% rather than 10. Why shouldn't she? In the current environment. A tipped employee operates much more similar to an independent contractor than a regular employee, and like an independent contractor you stiff, they don't like working for free, and will not work for you again. You might even get a lawsuit or a hypothetical bug in your food. You can keep stiffing different contractors as much as you like but eventually you will run out of good contractors who will work for you, and your business will suffer as a result.

Quinton Figueroa: Yes, I agree. Let's get rid
@Vanessa (view comment)

Yes, I agree. Let's get rid of this stupid law. Some of that government ingenuity I tell you. What will they dream up next?

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