Now I decided to limit the list to my favorite song from each band, so this will actually be the top song from the top 50 metal bands, all my opinion of course. I hope you enjoy some nostalgia and possibly discover a few new cool songs :)

50. Sepultura - Arise

Let's start things off with some Sepultura. This is a great thrash metal song with some great speed and cool guitar riffs.

49. Dragonlord - Sins of Allegiance

Dragonlord is a little bit less known than some of the other metal bands. I really love how this song ends so stick around until the ending.

48. King Diamond - Melissa

I love the way this song highlights King Diamond's amazing voice. Ever since I first heard this song I have been stuck on it as my favorite from King Diamond.

47. Paradise Lost - Small Town Boy

Paradise Lost has a really smooth and laid back type of a feel. This whole album that this song is on is really good but this is my favorite song of the group. I love how it starts out.

46. Nocturnal Rites - Fool's Parade

I discovered this band randomly on Pandora one day and this was the song that came up. I was completely blown away with how amazing this song was. It would be perfect for a trailer. The band is highly underrated.

45. Opeth - Demon of the Fall

Everyone knows Opeth is crazy talented. They have a ton of songs to choose from and this one happens to be my favorite. The outro on this song is just brilliant.

44. Soilwork - Distance

Soilwork has always produced great songs with great choruses. This is my favorite from the group.

43. Fear Factory - Shock

Fear Factory has a distinct sound. The way they do these industrial type doom metal choruses is pretty interesting. This song has always stuck with me as my favorite from the group.

42. Machine Head - Halo

Machine Head is a cool band and this song just crushes it. The technical guitar riff mixed with the chorus is metal perfection. I would call it trance metal :)

41. Falconer - Substitutional World

Falconer is a group with a ton of cool songs so it is hard to choose which one of theirs is the best. I chose this one for 4:12 :)

40. Kreator - Material World Paranoia

Kreator is 100% German Thrash. They have been going strong for decades and have a huge list of songs to choose from. For whatever reason, I've always loved the pace and lyrics to this song. This band is awesome.

39. Sinergy - Razorblade Salvation

Pretty obvious why this song is on the list. Great vocals, great guitar, great piano, great solo, great music :)

38. Helloween - Power

I think this song sums up Helloween perfectly. This song has such good power and is super catchy. You gotta love the vocals.

37. Avenged Sevenfold - Afterlife

Some people might get upset that this band is on this list but I don't care. This band, and this song in particular, are amazing. This song has a beautiful chorus and great lyrics. Very talented group here.

36. Ayreon - The Sixth Extinction

Ayreon is the type of group that you know is just super smart. With a song named The Sixth Extinction on an album named 01011001 you know the group is into hardcore philosophy and is just way smarter than most people. This song is like a journey that takes you through many different galaxies which is why I like it so much :)

35. Angra - Bleeding Heart

Oh sorry, a ballad. I guess I shouldn't apologize though. Love this song.

34 .Lamb of God - Walk With Me In Hell

Alright, here's just some straight metal that you can bang your head to. This song is everything that metal is.

33. Gates of Ishtar - Dawn of Flames

I bet you've never heard of this band. And you're missing out. This whole album is very, very good. This band is highly underrated. Anyhow, check out the emotional piano/scream breakdown that happens at 2:26. You're welcome.

32. DragonForce - Valley of the Damned

Yeah, yeah. Of course this has to have DragonForce. They have many amazing songs and this is the first song I heard of theirs and still my favorite. It displays how amazing technical they are on guitar... in the studio only of course ;)

31. At The Gates - The Flames of the End

At The Gates is another underrated band. This song actually inspired a song I wrote. I love how the heavy guitar starts to fade in and take over the song as the song progresses. To me this song has so much emotion.

30. Cradle Of Filth - Cthulhu Dawn

Of course Cradle of Filth kicks some serious ass. This song is my favorite of theirs and it displays them in their full glory.

29. Edguy - Superheroes

This is just a great power metal song you can shake your fist to and enjoy.

28. Kamelot - Forever

This is the only song on the list where the live version is the one that you have to listen to. The way this song starts out is just so freaking good. Give it a listen. I don't know what it is, but every note hit is just perfection.

27. Norther - Frozen Sky

Beautiful. Another super emotional song that just takes you away.

26. Dragonland - Forever Walking Alone

This is one of the most beautiful metal songs you've probably never heard. Just listen to how amazing the lyrics, melody and vocals are. My favorite part is when the song picks up at 4:08. Talk about an encore! What a truly amazing masterpiece.

25. Ozzy Osbourne - Goodby To Romance

Ozzy Osbourne isn't so much about Ozzy as it it about Randy Rhoads. Yeah, yeah Ozzy is great but this Randy Rhoads was a musical genius. He wrote pure bliss. RIP.

24. Within Temptation - Pale

Amazing song. This one can just take you away into a different world. Sharon's vocals are angelic.

23. In Flames - Crawl Through Knives

I love In Flames and I love how addicting this chorus is.

22. Nightwish - Ghost Love Score

Pure epic masterpiece. This song has it all. Let this one take you on a journey through time and space.

21. Dark Tranquility - Insanity's Crescendo

You can't deny the beauty of this guitar intro followed by the vocals. And of course the heaviness that kicks in as the song progresses is always much appreciated.

20. Trivium - This World Can't Tear Us Apart

This song is just too hard not to listen to. It has a vibe of the song from Titanic if you listen closely enough. I love how awesome this chorus is. I can listen to it over and over again (and I do).

19. Hammerfall - Always Will Be

Okay, the songs on this list are getting really, really good now. There isn't much for me to say anymore. 100% win right here.

18. Avantasia - What Kind of Love

I don't even think this song qualifies for metal, but since Tobias Sammet is a metal genius I don't even care. This song is one of the most beautiful songs you will ever hear and it deserves a top spot on the list.

17. Rhapsody of Fire - Emerald Sword

Now we're getting into some fantasy metal. Rhapsody of Fire has always delivered with some all around great power metal. Enjoy!

16. Blind Guardian - Mirror Mirror

Blind Guardian knows power metal. I love the chorus on this song and I love the way the guitar sounds during the chorus.

15. Luca Turilli - Black Dragon

This is one of the first fantasy metal songs I ever heard and ever since I have been a huge fan of this genre. A brilliant song.

14. Stratovarius - Phoenix

Speaking of power metal, Stratovarius are one of the top groups when it comes to high vocals, fast guitars and fist shaking choruses. This is my favorite song of the group... and they have a ton of good songs!

13. Flotsam and Jetsam - Doomsday For The Deceiver

This is one of those songs that has it all. Just a complete journey. I love these types of songs and I love the way this song progresses. Some decent metal screams as well ;)

12. Iron Maiden - Hallowed Be Thy Name

You knew they'd be on this list and here they are with Hallowed Be Thy Name. This is a great song that just kicks some serious ass.

11. Pantera - Hollow

Amazing guitar and great emotion from the Cowboys From Hell. This band is brilliant and this is my favorite song of theirs. RIP Dimebag.

10. Children of Bodom - Needled 24/7

Now we're stepping into the top 10. Children of Bodom is just pure intensity and Finnish brilliance. This song speaks for itself -- fast, powerful, energetic and downright metal.

9. Sonata Arctica - The Power of One

Here's another amazing group from Finland. I've always loved this song and it sums up the talent of this group. This is another one of those songs that you can just close your eyes to and let it take you away for 10 minutes. When it's over you will have to snap back to reality since it will take you so far away :)

8. Arch Enemy - Nemesis

Okay, now we're getting into some serious metal talent. Arch Enemy is really, really good. Like, really good. They know how to write amazing guitar riffs and choruses that just sound awesome. I love the tough female vocals. I mean, the music speaks for itself.

7. Manowar - Courage

Manowar. They've never really broken through with mainstream success but they've always been a favorite of mine. Courage is such an amazing song with deep emotion. So for now, waive goodbye, and leave you hands held high, hear this song of courage, ride into the night!!!

6. Slayer - Raining Blood

Slayer are kings of heavy metal and Raining Blood is a signature song for them. This song is one of the reasons I started playing guitar. This riff is one of the most popular metal riffs you will ever hear and this is one of the best speed metal songs ever. RIP Hanneman.

5. Dimmu Borgir - Kings of the Carnival Creation

Now we break into the top 5. Who else could take the 5 spot but Dimmu Borgir with Kings of the Carnival Creation. This song is just so brilliant and hardly recognized as one of their best. I love the intro, I love the heavy parts and I especially love the trance metal that kicks in at 2:52. This is everything metal is supposed to be. These guys deliver. Oh, what's that? 4:04 kicks ass also? Man these guys are good.

4. Amon Amarth - Embrace of the Endless Ocean

Speaking of trance metal (a term I coined), put your war helmet on and let Amon Amarth take you on a viking ship towards metal Valhalla. With each new album release Amon Amarth has crept up higher and higher on my list of greatest metal bands ever and now here they are with this amazing song. This is my favorite song of theirs for no reason other than it speaks to me more than any of their other songs. They have tons of amazing songs but let me sell you a bit on this one.

Okay, it has a great intro. It's kinda slow and you know that it's building for something heavy and it is. It comes in with some heavy guitar and pure viking strength. The vocals are the vocals of a warrior. The lyrics tell the story of freedom and honor. Okay, 1:52 kicks in and now you enter some serious trance metal, which no other metal band can do better than Amon Amarth. They just hit the right notes and leave a lasting imprint in your head with this melody. It is simple, concise and full of emotion. Shall I continue? Prepare yourself for the climax interlude at 3:13 which just enhances the already emotional journey you have been riding through. Double-time feel at 3:42 back to trance metal at 3:57. Great lyrics starting at 4:28 and leading into a solo outro at 4:56 and then a good minute or 2 of trancing out to an amazing melody. What more could you ask for?

3. Metallica - Master of Puppets

Okay, yeah here it is. This song is popular, but it is popular for great reason. This is the best thrash metal song of all time. This song defines thrash metal. Amazing riffs, perfect solo(s) and great energy throughout. The breakdown at 3:33 is really what does this song in though -- everybody knows this song for this part and the lead in to probably the most learned solo by guitarists everywhere :) I mean, this is just an emotional ride. I know you've heard this song a million times but why not give it another listen and enjoy it like the very first time you heard it :)

2. Testament - Return to Serenity

So what could possibly take the #2 spot? The #2 metal song is no small task, and Testament is no stranger to metal. Testament has been kicking ass for years and Alex Skolnick is one of the greatest guitar players to ever live. This guy knows how to pour his soul into his writing. And this song is a testament to Testament. This is just a masterpiece displaying perfection in every aspect. Just wait for the solo to kick in at 3:16. Just brilliant.

1. Death - Voice of the Soul

What could possibly be the best metal song? Well, I know some of you may have been expecting Megadeth or Black Sabbath but guess what? They're totally overrated and Death is highly underrated. If you want to hear the guitar speak the soul of another person then prepare yourself with this one. The acoustic rhythm guitar, the melodic lead and the finger-tapping 2nd lead, are you freaking kidding me? It's rare for the combination of all these things to speak so fluently yet 1:34 of this song does exactly that.

A best metal song with no vocals you ask? Yes, that's right. Expecting something more mainstream or more similar in structure to most metal songs? Not necessary. There are tons of good metal songs out there but this one is unique. This one sticks with you. This one is so good it doesn't need vocals. In this one the guitar says it all. And that's the way it should be. This one gets down to the core of what metal is, electric guitar telling a story, taking you on a journey and moving you in a way that you have never been moved before.

Chuck Schuldiner was both a student and master when it came to metal and with each album he became better and better to where he finally climaxed with metal perfection in Voice of the Soul. This song tells the emotional story of following your passion, growing in your craft and letting the music speak for you in a way not possible with mere words. RIP Chuck. We miss you.

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