Keep in mind these are mostly piano / new age songs. I wanted to avoid classical piano in this list because that would be its own entire list. This kind of music is different than classical music. This also has a few piano songs from movies, but I wanted to try to avoid film music as much as possible as well since that is also its own category of music. Enjoy!

  1. James Todd - Quiet Beauty

    Great, enjoyable melody.

  2. ZUN - Deaf To All But The Song

    This is a great song. I love the part at 2:20 the most.

  3. 2002 - Even Now

    A beautiful atmospheric new age melody that takes you away on clouds.

  4. Rachel Portman - The Cider House Rules

    This one is almost pure film score, but it has enough piano to make this list.

  5. Jim Brickman - Rocket To The Moon

    My favorite song from Jim Brickman. He has a lot of other great songs as well.

  6. Peter Kater - River

    Oh yes :)

  7. Ludovico Einaudi - Dietro Casa

    Nice melody, enjoyable tune :)

  8. Alex Grant - El Chupacabra

    I like the pace of this song. It has an interesting speed to it.

  9. Yann Tiersen - Comptine d’un autre été

    Really great song that is almost playful to me.

  10. Fred Lykes - Journey To The Stars

    This is a very atmospheric new age piece that is sure to bring you happiness.

  11. Philip Glass - Opening

    Philip Glass has always produced some of the most minimal and melodic songs. I would call his music trance piano. He finds a great melody and then keeps repeating it and building on it. I love the way he writes music and I love how all his music has a unique sound to it.

  12. Myleene Klass - For The Love Of A Princess (Braveheart)

    Braveheart? Sure, why not? This is a great piano piece with a great melody.

  13. James Horner - One Last Wish

    Heck yes James Horner is on this list. I've always thought this melody was a bit under-rated for James Horner. What a beautiful melody he created for this movie. RIP Horner!

  14. Alan Silvestri - Forrest Gump Theme

    When you think of solo piano you probably wouldn't think of this song, but it really is a gem. This melody is touching and delicate. Turn up your speakers and drift away to this one :)

  15. Dennis Kuo - Ever Eternity

    I came across Dennis Kuo a few years back when I was looking for some good music to study to. And some good music I found. His music is absolutely beautiful and I'm sure he will have a great musical life. This song is amazing.

  16. Kevin Kern - Sundial Dreams

    I'm sure most people who follow solo piano artists are familiar with this song. This is just a classic that will take you into another world.

  17. James Onohan - Open My Eyes

    James Onohan is super under-rated. I came across this song on a relaxing piano mix. I don't think he is a very well known artist but this song shows the true gift this artist has. If you enjoy this be sure to check out his other songs. They are all so good!

  18. Michele McLaughlin - The Druid's Prayer

    What an amazing song this is. I love how it starts out slow and inches along and then around 1:10 starts to really pick up and just get magical. Beautiful.

  19. Tim Janis - Reflections

    Tim Janis has a ton of great songs and this is my favorite. The flute with the piano is just an amazing mix and you can really feel this one. So magical.

  20. Imphenzia - Spirit Within You Piano Version

    I discovered this song while researching how to write trance music. I came across this guy's videos and eventually checked out his music. He is mostly a trance musician but after you listen to this song I'm sure you will agree he is actually an extremely gifted song writer who writes beautiful melodies.

  21. Secret Garden - Song from a Secret Garden

    I'm not really sure if this song goes to a movie or what, but ever since I first heard it I've been left in awe. This is another amazing song.

  22. Yiruma - River Flows in You

    You knew this song was going to be on here and here it is. Just turn up the speakers, sit back and listen to it unfold yet again.

  23. Brian Crain - Song For Sienna

    I'm not sure how well known Brian Crain is, but this song shows that he is one of the best in the world. This song has such a beautiful melody with great flow and emotion. Please join me as I drift away to this gem yet again.

  24. Kelly Andrew - You Strengthen Me

    Kelly Andrew is really, really under-rated. He writes a wide range of music and when it comes to piano this is my favorite piece of his. The chorus to this song is just amazing and builds on top of itself. So much emotion flows through this.

  25. Joe Hisaishi - One Summer's Day

    This song is from the movie Spirited Away and it is absolutely amazing. Joe Hisaishi put together such a unique sounding and beautiful piece here. I love the part at 1:32... it's just brilliant. So simple and so powerful.

  26. Nobuo Uematsu - To Zanarkland

    This is the only other video game song on the list and it is most certainly deserving. Nobuo Uematsu brings so much emotion and passion with his music. Enjoy this one.

  27. Yanni - Adagio in C Minor

    I don't know what it is about this song, but the way the notes are put together makes it one of the most beautiful melodies in the world. I've listened to this song for years and every time I listen to it it just hits me hard. The part at 0:18 pulls down a moment from heaven and let's you experience it right now. One of the best melodies ever created!

  28. David Lanz - Cristofori's Dream

    This is one of the best piano songs I have ever hard. Back in the day a friend of mine burned this on a CD for me and I used to listen to it over and over again. He didn't know who it was and I never knew who it was until one day I came across it on Pandora and went crazy. I love how David Lanz explains this song as like a music box that slowly builds on top of itself and gains momentum. That is exactly the vibe I get from this song and it is beautiful.

  29. Paul Spaeth - Celtic Legend

    And of course, the #1 spot belongs to Paul Spaeth. He wrote this song when he was like 14 and I have been listening to it ever since. I even got the sheet music for this song and learned it on piano because it is just that good. This song has one of the best melodies I have ever heard and I love the way the piano and violin play off each other. And of course the chorus that kicks in at 1:00 is just strong and perfect. It really is hard to top this when it comes to solo piano. This guy is a musical genius and truly gifted. Well done Paul Spaeth and thank you for a life changing piece!

So that's my list. What do you think? What did I miss? Please share below :)

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Kandy: Eh. Most of these suck.

Eh. Most of these suck. Listen to O'Chancey they have good songs there best one to me is Atlantis and Mayflower

Barbara Libon: piano

This is perfect and this is great for piano experts. I will include this on my list of songs to play in the next events. thank you very much for this wonderful idea.

Colin: Solo piano

Check out Greg Maroney. He has done a lot of albums over the years with some really good and memorable solo piano pieces. And he has published sheet music for many of his albums if you want to learn to play his music.

Wanda: Awesome list! Thank you so

Awesome list! Thank you so much.

Bryan: more solo piano

Great list, thanks for making it! I wanted to share my own solo piano compositions: 'Cascade' by Bryan Pickell (aka Beeson Keys) - this is one of my most popular ones ( Cheers!

Karen: Try This

Loved your selections, but you need to include some Brian Crain in there! Try listening to "Two Spirits Soar!"

Martina: Great list

Great list! There are some great choices. Check out this solo pianist and composer. He has some very nice songs

David Armstrong: Great list you've compiled,

Great list you've compiled, Quinton, although may I suggest considering the inclusion of something by Max Richter, and one of Einaudi's many superior pieces to the one you have included.
Couple of comments: Myleene Klass simply interpreted the Braveheart 'Princess' music actually composed by James Horner (so now you have two Horner selections !). Also, hadn't heard the Secret Garden clip before, but was immediately struck by its similarity to Gabriel Faure's 'Pavane', (composed over a century earlier) who surely at least deserves a mention !

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