1. Final Fantasy VIII - Liberi Fatali

    Let's start things off right shall we? I still remember the first time I popped this game into my Playstation. This opening sequence just nailed it.

  2. Double Dragon (Arcade) - Opening Theme

    Shutup and take my quarter!!

  3. DuckTales - The Moon

    Classic video game jam with a great melody.

  4. Terranigma - Hometown

    Great song.

  5. Berserk - Opening (Sign)

    Yes, this song is awesome.

  6. Zelda: The Wind Waker - Grandma's Theme

    So peaceful and happy.

  7. U.N. Squadron - Front Line Base

    Good times.

  8. Journey to Silius - Title Theme

    Nope, never played it either but this music rocks.

  9. Dragon Age Origins - Main Theme

    Good, newer movie-type music vibe.

  10. Donkey Kong Country 2 - Krook's March (Toxic Tower)

    All the songs in this game are brilliant.

  11. Divinity: Original Sin - Mysterious Guest

    This song has quite the mysterious vibe going on.

  12. Street Fighter II - Balrog Theme

    Street Fighter II had a ton of great music and it's hard to find one that's the best. This is my favorite.

  13. Earthbound - Ness' Home

    Great melody.

  14. Super Mario Galaxy - Buoy Base Galaxy

    Great stuff.

  15. Sonic Lost World - Sea Bottom Segue

    Cool, chill song.

  16. Chrono Cross - Dreamwatch of Time

    This song moves you.

  17. Xenogears - Bonds of Sea and Fire

  18. Final Fantasy - Matoya's Cave

    Classic NES jam with a great melody.

  19. Legend of Mana - Hometown Domina


  20. Wild Arms - Into The Wilderness

    I love the western vibe with the whistle. Breathtaking!

  21. Mirror's Edge Theme Song - Still Alive

    This is a really infectious song with great pacing. It sounds like something that would come from Coldplay.

  22. Streets of Rage 2 - Ending

    Great jam.

  23. To The Moon - For River

    I couldn't tell you anything about this game, but this song is just amazing!

  24. Shatter - Amethyst Caverns

    I love the feel of this song.

  25. Wild Arms - The Princess-Sorceress' Feelings

    Oh you've never heard this one? Well now you have and you're welcome :)

  26. ZUN - Deaf To All But The Song

    I found out about this artist recently and he is absolutely amazing. I really love the part at 2:20.

  27. NieR - Emil Karma

    Just some good music.

  28. ActRaiser - Fillmore

    Classic video game music.

  29. Mega Man 3 - Snake Man Stage

    One of my favorite Mega Man songs.

  30. Goldeneye - Silo

    This game was really, really well done and of course the music was on point.

  31. Xenoblade Chronicles - While I Think

    Ahhhhhh, love it!

  32. Persona 3 - The Battle for Everyone's Souls

    You can't go wrong with a little emotional piano mixed in with metal.

  33. Mega Man 3 - Dr Wily Stage Music 2

    It's hard to go wrong with anything from Mega Man :)

  34. Final Fantasy VII - Cosmo Canyon

    You just can't go wrong with music from Final Fantasy.

  35. Zelda: A Link to the Past - Hyrule Castle

    Just some good Zelda music.

  36. Donkey Kong Country - The Credits Concerto

    Great end credits to a great game.

  37. Final Fantasy VII - Tifa's Theme

    The song of my childhood right here. I used to hear this song all the time while I played this game. Brings back so many memories :)

  38. Double Dragon II - Final Boss

    This would make a great metal cover.

  39. Little Nemo The Dream Master - Cloud Ruins

    This is straight NES magic here. This game had such good music.

  40. Super Mario RPG - Beward of the Forest's Mushrooms

    Happy times.

  41. Final Fantasy VII - Cid's Theme

    This is such an uplifting powerful song. I've always wanted to do a trance remix of this song and one day I just might.

  42. Chrono Trigger - Frog's Theme

    Such good stuff.

  43. Donkey Kong Country 2 - Mining Melancholy

    Yeah! Sound FX jams are the best.

  44. Sonic 2 - Boss Theme

    This song is super catchy.

  45. Super Mario 64 - Dire, Dire Docks

    A unique and memorable tune that really captured the mood of this stage.

  46. Final Fantasy VIII - Eyes On Me

    So freaking good.

  47. Chrono Cross - Dream of the Shore Near Another World

    Beautiful overworld theme!

  48. Mike Tyson's Punch Out - Fight Theme

    Frick yes this song is awesome. The music in this game killed it.

  49. Donkey Kong Country - Gang Plank Galleon

    What an amazing song to the ending of an amazing game. I love the Pirate, Metal vibe this song has. I loved how you would beat the boss at the end and the fake credits would come up and the boss would come back to life for a 2nd round. Freaking amazing game.

  50. Ace Combat 6 - The Liberation of Gracemeria

    Who would've thought that a game like this could have such amazing music? I've never played the game but when it came up on a video game mix I knew this was a winner.

  51. Shenmue - Sadness and Hope

    Shenmue was such an amazing game with such character. I really enjoyed playing through this one. Too bad the music wasn't very good... oh wait...

  52. Donkey Kong Country - Aquatic Ambiance

    Ah yes, you know all about this one. Pure classic.

  53. Mega Man 2 - Dr. Wily's Castle

    Mega Man music kicks ass and here is another great one.

  54. Chrono Trigger - Singing Mountain

    Let the wind build up. Wait for it. Keep waiting. Wait for it... Ahhhhh, you've reached the summit!

  55. Final Fantasy VII - One Winged Angel

    Such a cool way to end my favorite game of all time. It's crazy how you have to wait until the 2nd end boss fight to listen to this gem. What an amazing song that hits you from every angle.

  56. Mike Tyson's Punch Out - Training Theme


  57. Breath of Fire - Sara

    How simple and amazing.

  58. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze - Funky Waters (Amiss Abyss)

    My favorite song from the new David Wise music. What a beautiful song that picks up right where he left off on the original DKC games.

  59. Final Fantasy IX - You're Not Alone

    Brilliant! You can't go wrong with that amazing guitar riff. But if you made it this far you're probably well aware of the brilliance of Final Fantasy music.

  60. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Gerudo Valley

    Frick yes this song is on the list! My favorite song from this game. I love the Spanish vibe!

  61. Chrono Cross - Radical Dreamers

    I absolutely love this song and the outro at the end gets me everytime: 3:06.

  62. Final Fantasy IX - Melodies of Life

    Beautiful song with beautiful vocals.

  63. The Legend of Zelda - Overworld

    The classic jam. It doesn't get more memorable than this when it comes to video game music.

  64. Final Fantasy VII - Aerith's Theme


  65. Super Mario Land - Ending Theme

    What an amazing song to the ending of an amazing game. I used to play the crap out of this game and jam away to the music. Of course I had to learn how to play the part at 0:27 on the piano because it is one of the best melodies ever created :) Sometimes all it takes is a great melody with a great bassline.

  66. Sonic - Greenhill Zone

    When I think Sega Genesis I think this game and this song. This game started it all. I used to love popping this game in and listening to the "SEGA" intro and then jamming away to this song.

  67. Chrono Trigger - To Far Away Times

    This song is truly special. I will admit that I've never played this game, but I've listened to the music inside and out. This is my favorite song from the game. Listen to how amazing this song gets at 2:06. If I am ever going to play another RPG anytime soon this will surely be it!

  68. Super Mario Galaxy - Gusty Garden Galaxy

    Wow, just wow. Mahito Yokota kills it with this beauty. Epic, enchanting, massive, powerful, uplifting and emotional like no other.

  69. Final Fantasy VI - Terra

    One of the best Final Fantasy songs out there. Great music for an overworld theme.

  70. Metal Gear Solid 2 - Main Theme

    Now this is a straight masterpiece. This song is so uplifting and powerful.

  71. Mega Man 3 - Theme

    This is my favorite Mega Man song out of any of the Mega Man games. And that is saying a lot since Mega Man has some of the best video game music out there. I love the slow melody at the beginning and the way it transforms into the main melody with high energy. This is 8-bit metal.

  72. Final Fantasy X - To Zanarkland

    Such an emotional piece from one of the most talented musicians ever. Nobuo Uematsu truly is a master musician in every way. His work on the Final Fantasy games is the best video game music you will ever set your ears on. This is my favorite from ALL the Final Fantasy games and I think you will agree that this truly is a masterpiece. It's too good.

  73. Donkey Kong Country 2 - Stickerbrush Symphony

    And coming in at the number 1 slot is none other than Mr. David Wise. Could this possibly be the best video game song of all time? I can't think of anything more deserving. I find myself coming back to this song again and again. The atmosphere of this song strikes a chord deep within you like no other. Listening to this song takes you to another dimension that other songs just cant' quite do. So please join me while you sit back, close your eyes and let this atmospheric journey take you to a distant galaxy.

And there you have it! Thanks for listening. Did I miss any of your favorites?

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Wow, great list of songs. I am in awe listening to some of these songs that I've forgotten about!

Anonymous: So happy to see a few

So happy to see a few mentions of Wild Arms. I enjoyed listening through.

Anonymous: Overall a pretty good list.

Overall a pretty good list. My favorite composer is Nobuo Uematsu.

Ken William : exciting

A great list. I love it!

Crixa: Good list, but where is

Baba Yetu? Love the songs on this list, but how do you leave off the only video game song to receive a grammy?

Mahhayo: good list but you're missing

good list but you're missing corridors of time :)

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