We need to get back to basics, which people won't do. Why are we here? Where did we come from? And where are we going? I addressed these questions in my book Rule By Ignorance, because I think they are some of the most foundational and important questions out there. And even though many ask these questions at one time or another in their life, very few get to the bottom of them.

I have paved the groundwork for years on this blog and in my work with the understanding of a spiritual component to life. Many people believe in religions, but they don't take their religions far enough. Rather than see how their religion ties in with another religion, they will instead focus on the differences. As the great Manly P. Hall said:

For lack of interreligious understanding there has been very little religious understanding.

Religions all talk of a spiritual component. When it comes to the core of reality all religions are in agreement with some type of consciousness outside of this physical reality and some type of continuation of consciousness after these bodies we are living in die.

But with the advent of our so-called scientific world view we have shifted away from religion, or more broadly, spirituality. We have allowed for science to throw the baby out with the bath water when it comes to religion.

Look, I'm not a big fan of religion much myself. I can see the obvious contradictions found in texts, the obvious hypocrisy found in adherents and the obvious control and manipulation by the various religious organizations throughout the world. I get it.

But guess what? It's not all 100% bad. That doesn't mean everything about religion is wrong. That doesn't mean you throw the baby out with the bath water, as society continues to do as we march towards our next religion of science.

It's not the purpose of this article to go into the various truths or favorable aspects of religion. The purpose is to point out that not everything in religion is wrong. And the most important part that isn't wrong, in all of my research, is the continuation of our consciousness -- what we colloquially would call an afterlife. And if you want to add to that there is this element of reincarnation -- the concept that we go through many different experiences in many different ways to evolve our consciousness.

And when we approach life from a much broader perspective, as is the case with viewing this as a single life in an array of many life-like experiences, we can more easily see how things fit together. It's like anything else in life. The more information you have of something, and the higher perspective that you take, the more clear your understanding is going to be.

We don't expect somebody to do calculus with a 3rd grade understanding of math, but apparently we love telling people who they are with a 3rd grade understanding of humans.

The physical explanation of transgender people is elementary and damaging to not just society, but to transgender people themselves. I know transgender people. I know what they think. I know the confusion they have. I know the questions they have. And I know the BS answers society gives them that doesn't answer anything and only adds to the confusion.

You're not an accident

We don't accidentally or magically end up in the body that we currently have. This life isn't a mistake.

This life was a planned experience that we chose to experience for many different reasons, all unique to each consciousness.

I'm sorry if you don't agree with this, but somebody has to say it because I especially don't agree with the narrow view of some physical accident that explains nothing.

A spirit isn't male or female. A spirit is consciousness. And outside of this physical reality we aren't male or female. We are both. Male and female are physical constructs existing in a dualistic, phsycial world for the sake of unique experiences. And I'm not saying male and female are bad. I'm saying they are both beautiful experiences that we all may choose to go through as we expand our consciousness and experience life in the physical world.

We may choose to live many lives as both male and female. We may experience male energy for a long time to learn the qualities of a male. And then we may experience female energy for a while to learn and experience those qualities. It isn't binary. It isn't one or the other. We choose different realities for different experiences. And of course, there are degrees between all this. And degrees not just between male and female energies but between many other aspects as well. This stuff is layered and it's not so simple and definitive as male or female.

Bigger than your box

As humans we have a tendency to want to categorize everything into a box. But not everything can always fit into a box. At some point every categorization starts to break down. Not all heterosexual people are the same. Not all homosexual people are the same. And not all transgender people are the same.

People may choose to experience life one way for reasons that only they know -- or at least will come to know as they grow through the experience. It isn't as simple as saying, "Oh, this person is transgender, this means X". It doesn't work that way. Sure there may be patterns, but most people can't even get the pattern right. You can slice life in an infinite number of ways. One person may be transgender to learn one specific lesson while another person may be transgender to learn a totally different lesson.

But now when society comes in and attempts to give transgender people an explanation in the physical context only it is completely damaging. You want to help people by showing them love, not hurt them by restricting them through fear. You want to answer people's questions and help them grow, not create confusion and stunt their growth. The physical explanation of transgender people does not help them. The physical explanation of anybody does not help them, transgender or otherwise. Life is bigger than your tiny little one-life box of physical nothingness.

Another victimized minority, another political agenda

Unfortunately, transgender people are just the new political cannon fodder to use as a victimized minority to push a political agenda and increase control into the hands of the social engineers. Anybody who has studied history knows this. It's not complicated. But when you lack understanding and somebody tells you your whole life that you're a victim it becomes quite enticing to fall prey. Where have I seen this before?

There is nothing wrong with transgender people. Transgender people aren't confused. You're confused. Go back and read a book. Go back and talk to a Yogi. Go back and read what your religion is really saying, not the surface level, shallow interpretation you learned in Sunday School when you were 5 years old. Perhaps it's time we upgrade our resolution for how we view this topic. Nah, better just let somebody else do the thinking for us!

Transgender people know who they are. They're not stupid. Just because they don't fit into the box that you want them to doesn't make them wrong. Your box is wrong. And perhaps recognizing your box as wrong, overcoming this challenge and growing from it is the point to this whole thing anyway. Nah, couldn't be that.

Life allows for consciousness to experience this reality in any possible way imaginable. If somebody wants to gain experience by placing male energy in a female body then so be it. If somebody wants to go through life in hard mode let them. If somebody wants to do something that will shake their consciousness in a way that 100 straight lives would not do then let them.

Stop trying to explain transgender in a physical context. It doesn't fit and it makes you come across as extremely naive. Your scope is too small for reality to fit within your tiny little box. There is more to life than the thin band most of us choose to accept.

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freedmftr88: Thanks for being an ally Quinton

Hey Quinton , thanks for putting a good word for us Trans people . It's nice to see. As a Twin Flame / Trans woman lesbian myself and ( maybe it's because I'm INFP , I don't know ) I too have seen my trans experience from a spiritual view point instead of a victim mentality . I am very fortunately in my lifetime to have meet two trans friends one a Trans Woman and the other a Trans man who like me are both into New Thought / New Age spirituality . Unfortunately my Trans woman friend took her life away in around 2012 / 2013 because she was surviving off of prostitution and some pimp wanted to hurt her. I don't know the full story however I do know that she was a spiritual soul , very intelligent , and I think both my friends were intuitives . :)

I'm not sure if most transgender people are missing spiritual insight or not , perhaps the majority of them and likewise most people. I do have my views about the importance of spiritual awakening as well as exposing the truth of what's going on if it's hierarchical power not thinking the best interests of humanity and planet earth or even The New World Order secret societies such as the illuminati / malevolent extraterrestrials .

I was just thinking yesterday that there are some that are so overwhelmed and confused when they look at gender. Screw the gender binary system and all those heteronormative norms and such because no one can place an A and B mold and say this is how men and women should be. There's non-binary gendered people who prefer the pronouns " they and them " . And I think , that's them . I used to identify as Androgyne 10 years ago , and in 2013 I realized that trans woman lesbian matched more with my identity and orientation and just made more sense to me . However gender expression wise , I tent to be quite androgynous then the stereotypical feminine role . My twin flame is a cisgender butch stud lesbian but she's all artsy fartsy , intuitive , and humanitarian similar to me. So the ying and the yang as complex as it seems makes a lot of sense within the parallel mirroring and stuff. I've been in telepathy with my twin flame for 11 years now and finally meet her face to face in late 2015 / early 2016 . We even look a little similar. :)
My trans man friend , he works as a psychic and he was helping me out finding my Twin Flame around 2015 .

But relating to your article , I totally agree that trans people need to tap into spirituality more .
My journey was quite gender fluid while others seem to perhaps suffer more than me .
For my experience , it was like this slow realization of putting puzzle pieces together.

There's this great youtube channel called ContraPoints , and she mentioned in one of her videos there's two kinds of transitioning. One in which is recognized in childhood while the other is more of a slow realization and often labeled as " Gender Dysphoria " .

My experience was pretty much smooth sailing which doesn't seem to be the majority of transitioning according to what I observe. Maybe it's because I'm an INFP but I can appreciate the abstractness of it because to me it's like a puzzle which took years to put together and perhaps it's a symbol of life itself because the puzzle never stops , we learn more and more about ourselves.

And having a Twin Flame , twins tend to mirror back everything that's going on inside of each other
and some things are pleasant , some are quite heavy but it's all about accepting oneself with love and to really zero in and figure out how that resonates with me. For example if there's something one twin finds irritating about the other , it could be an unloved aspect in which Ego builds this paradigm defense around it and so unconditional love releases that very wall resulting to a much healthier , freer soul. :)

A point I wanted to make is the whole thing regarding surgery . I personally am not up but have been on HRT since 2014 . Which points out that not every Trans Woman wants surgery because some feel comfortable with that lower half . Likewise I don't like wearing dresses and I tend to wear either plain masculine type clothes or something pop culture or colorfully retro . Somedays I wear make up , some days I don't . My trans woman friend would wear a big cowboy had and high neiled boots and dress like a rock star.
As I've learned in life , we just got to dress to express not to impress .

My voice is semi-high pitched already but when I were to go about self learned Voice therapy , my twin mocked me because I sounded too superfically feminine. And natually depending on my mood somedays I sound more feminine than others. I tend to have a problem of second guessing if I'm transitioning right but it's always best for people to just be themselves and just go with what feels right to them , not the eyes of the public. People are already way too busy worrying about what they seem to others to stop and criticize others. There's cool infographics relating to Ego vs Soul and that I think explains the very social problem.
Bob Proctor recommended a great book to me awhile back called
What You Think of Me is None of My Business
by Terry Cole-Whittaker .

New Thought / New Age spirituality most definately helped me with my personal growth and self esteam since 2012 after watching The Secret which lead to the rest of my transitioning and me eventually meeting my Twin Flame face to face. :) It helped me with my transitioning and life , perhaps other trans people too.

The best advice I got from my Trans woman friend was " You have two choices in life. Either you can live in the bondage of fear or you can go out that door with your head held high and ignore the critics because you know you more than anyone else. " Live your life happy and to thy self be true , pretty much.

I like to say for the most part that I'm a woman spirit in the male body instead of MTF . And your absolutely right about people questioning the physical aspects of trans people and everything . There's more to life than the five senses , that's just fact. I'm all open to life with the simple rule " As long as no one is hurting anyone , what the hey . Enjoy a happy life. Happiness really does show that even though we are all different , we are all one. :) )

Chris: Hi Quinton, I liked what you

Hi Quinton, I liked what you wrote. I've been having confusing sexual feelings and fantasies to do with being female and I'm male. I was a very hardcore believer in libertarianism i.e. having a low cost government to keep living costs low for businesses to operate competitively and for us to use a gold standard maybe, so our currency isn't devalued over time, creating bubbles etc. Anyway, I think I understand now that I was showing feminine traits all along, at least... now and again. It's just really hard because my dad for example was very abusive to me emotionally and extremely controlling. He would hurt me and my sisters because he could and he understood something I call "the power of power". For me, I felt like I didn't have any power and so I lived more by principles like "doing the right thing" and I always fought the deva like "because I can" way of being, partly because my dad said that being selfish is wrong - like the worst thing a person can be (ironic coming from him) and partly because I didn't want to be anything like him. The truth about my struggle now is that I have to embrace my own power I feel like but I never wanted to be a female. I loved females growing up from afar (I was a social outcast) but I didn't actually want to become one! But it's like you were saying, life is a spiritual journey but I just hate giving up control. It was a good reminder though that that's the case and also that consciousness is all that really matters. Thanks :)

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