In any other industry in life it would be completely crazy to pay somebody to rob you. But when it comes to police this irrational behavior becomes rational.

I have never met anybody who enjoys getting a traffic ticket. Not one person. I doubt you have either. Every time we see a cop pull up behind us when we're driving we think, "Ah crap, alright play it cool. Go slow, drive straight and wait for him to turn or pass". But why?

Why do we pay to have people that we don't want? Why is it that none of us feel the need for police on roads, yet we have them? And why is it that we are okay paying taxes to support police who write us tickets that none of us want?

The whole thing is a farce. I know it, you know it, everyone knows it. Nobody likes seeing cops on the road. Nobody likes getting a traffic ticket. And nobody believes that getting a traffic ticket makes you a better driver or more safe. Every time you get a ticket you think, "What a bunch of BS". Traffic tickets are like a ticking time bomb that is waiting to eventually get you. You're always breaking the law and it's just a matter of time before the person you employ forces you to cough up even more money for a ticket.

We know the police are not on our side because every time we see somebody pulled over on the side of the road we don't think, "Good, I feel safer and justice has been served". Hell no, we think, "Awww man, that guy got caught, that sucks for them". We feel bad for our fellow men because we know they got screwed and that it could have been us.

The Police obstruct traffic

I always find it funny how every time I see a big traffic jam somewhere on the roads there is always a cop car nearby. It's funny how traffic flows smooth and freely under normal conditions until a cop shows up. As soon as a cop shows up everybody slows down and makes the roads more dangerous. Cars get more congested, and you have to pay more attention to the cars around you.

I always find it funny how cops have no problem at all just stopping in the middle of the road and thinking that this is a safe idea -- a much safer idea than you happening to not fully stop at a stop sign or you happening to go 3 miles per hours too fast. But stopping in the middle of the road is perfectly safe. Pulling somebody over and expecting you to dodge them isn't a problem at all. That's money well spent.

Police don't make the roads safer

Police don't make the roads safer. People don't speed less. People don't obey rules more. Police don't change anything. If we didn't have police people wouldn't speed at unsafe levels. Police don't make people better drivers. We don't have police 99.9% of the time you're on the road and everything works just fine. We don't need them and we don't need to pay them to steal from us.

The police break all the rules

There are certain rules that are supposed to be dangerous and not allowed on the roads. These rules are in place because supposedly if you do them it is risky and could cause an accident. But if you're a cop you can do it. For some magical reason it's not dangerous for cops to do these things. Make an illegal U-turn? Stop wherever you want? Run a red light? Meh, no problem if you're a cop. But if you're not a cop then you're dangerous. If you are a cop, it's perfectly safe.

Talking on your cell phone in the car? That's so dangerous! It is much safer to open a laptop up in the passenger seat and operate that while you drive. That's the safe thing to do. It's even more safe if you take money from everyone to trick out your car with cool technology so that you can use it on them to extract even more money.

Just look at the bikers

I find it funny how bikes are free to do whatever they want on the road and nobody cares. Bikes can go through red lights. Bikes can skip stop signs. Bike can change lanes where cars can not. Bikes can choose to ride at night without lights. Bikes can do what they want because for some reason it's not dangerous when a bike does it. But if you were to even think about trying this in a motorized vehicle then you're magically much more dangerous and breaking the law. A bike does it, meh.


The whole police scam is a fraud and a bad joke. We pay cops to take our money. It's no different than going online, finding a professional asshole and then paying him $50 to come over to your house with a bill for another $100. Oh and don't forget that he will make you wait 30 minutes for the bill. What a scam it is.

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Cavin: So... because cops write

So... because cops write traffic tickets, they're the bad guys? You realise the flaw in your debate, is that you target one law, and use that to call police officers the "bad guys". You have to respect the fact that if you were stuck inside a bank, during a robbery, the people who are gonna pull you out of the fire are police officers.

Quinton Figueroa: The argument is not that cops
@Cavin (view comment)

The argument is not that cops are bad because they write traffic tickets. The argument is that we pay cops to take our money, which we do.

Bastiat: The police are the bad guys
@Cavin (view comment)

The police are the bad guys because they threaten & initiate force against those who have done no wrong. You are expected to submit to the costumed man with the gun... Because if you don't that man will either put you in a cage or shoot you dead and he'll feel justified, or even heroic, for doing it.

Kyle: The real argument

You say, "The argument is that we pay cops to take our money, which we do."
Perhaps the real argument you should be using is this... we pay cops to take our money as part of their job description, enforcing laws on everyone via the use of penalties. Just like we pay the trash man for the task of picking up trash. It's a dirty job... but someone has to do it. All of a sudden it makes more sense, but the lack of controversy wouldn't make for an appealing read, would it?

I don't like cops that much, but I like tailgaters way less. Have you ever wondered why so many vehicles sometimes end up in a massive chain wreck on the highway, even without adverse weather? Instead of following behind by one vehicle length for every 10 mph they're going, many people will follow your vehicle by only 5-10 feet even at 55 mph. They don't think twice about it and are potential disasters waiting to happen. I don't do that kind of thing. Do you? Are you actually on their side, especially if they end up killing someone or themselves?

This article may be meant to challenge people's thinking to see if they ever think about how twisted it is to pay someone to take your money. However, in the same article, you are also implying you're taking sides with careless drivers and that imposing some sort of penalty is wrong (although it likely won't change their dangerous driving habits), so I can also challenge the position you take.

Bastiat: The law doesn't apply to
@Kyle (view comment)

The law doesn't apply to those who make the laws and those who enforce them. The law is for the livestock.

Jm: I was just yesterday thinking

I was just yesterday thinking about what's in today's post. Was thinking how it was improper to have police be forced to be conflictive and write tickets.

I bicycle and feel that bikes are unequal to cars and deserve special legal preference. I was sent into contemplation on this topic yesterday as I was coasting down the sidewalk on my bike loaded with food from the produce store. I eased past a police cruiser behind a pulled-over car. There were cars backed up for several blocks. That helped me think of the thought in my first paragraph.

Landon: Some Helpful Thought Points

I am not given substantial thought and reflection to this topic so I will refrain from targeted criticism and instead give supportive ideas. One post here I feel is correct, cops will do whatever it is thats in there job description to do as well as whatever else they feel they can get away with (what we and the laws allow them to get away with). Now normally I am never a proponent of traditional laws, but if we have laws then at the very least cops should have vastly more restrictive laws. Getting rid of cops my gut tells me is a bad idea but changing how they are allowed to do there job and what they are suppose to be doing (totally agree).

Really it boils down to the penal system being in complete contradiction to unlocking human potential. Punishment rarely works and when it does it creates passive and controlled individuals which has correlated negative effects on a larger social scale. The vast majority of the time though it doesn't work rather it provokes anger, retribution, and resentment. People who go to jail come out better connected and better educated on how to further their criminal careers. We need to switch our penal system into that of rehabilitation and restitution (they use these words but what they entail are not actually practiced in reality).

All that CSI technology is a farce, but does portray correctly how our police officers think. There is no scientific evidence to support that we all have unique fingerprints, chances are there are thousands of other people on this planet with identical fingerprints as yours (but this evidence still locks people up). Kinda like how we all think every snowflake is different but many ones with identical structural composition have been found. DNA evidence should not lock people up, but it can exonerate them because if its not your DNA its not you, but if it is your DNA it might also be someone else's. Eye witness testimonies are a joke, thousands of studies now have verified that people unknowingly construct there own memories absent of historic reality. All this being said, unless someone was caught in the act there is an overwhelming good chance they are innocent because police are trained to construct a case against a person they have suspicious reasons to think they are guilty. Not to mention lie detector tests are a pseudo-science joke. All those test do is determine whether a person is nervous or not. Being nervous is not directly correlated to lying or telling the truth. Are they saying its impossible to be nervous and tell the truth and the same time or calm and collected while lying (just look at some serial killers, almost all of them can pass lie detectors)?

Power tends to corrupt, Ultimate power corrupts absolutely. All you have to do is read one of my later posts in the transcending religion blog to begin to understand this. Sometimes whether you go to jail or not boils down to the reverse shitty lottery in the current system, unless you are super rich and have a complete lack of ethic. I say this simply because in a system where all one has to do is say they are guilty for a case to be dropped against someone else (assuming they were not caught in the act) makes it easy as F=#$ to corrupt. Lets see... how about I just pay someone to say they are guilty and do my time for me, better yet, no ethical holdups well then save the money and threaten some random poor chaps family.

Alright I shoot this stuff out quick so sorry if there are typos.. lol.. but at the same time I'll refrain continuing because although there is so much more to say I understand people need one step at a time. That and people don't come to this type of source for lengthy learning. None-the-less I appreciate the sentiment and I hope to see the conversation continue.

...(( I want to Live to Learn To Love Everything ))...

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