Let's be clear. Slavery has existed for thousands of years and has been practiced by all races and cultures throughout the world. Slavery isn't unique to whites. In fact, Arabs were big into slavery, so were Blacks. Slavery is less about race and more about class. People who owned slaves were a higher caste than those who were slaves.

The word slave comes from the word "Slav" because Slavs, Eastern Europeans, were forced into slavery during the Middle Ages by Muslims. This is where the word slavery comes from. So the very word slavery has nothing to do with black people being enslaved, the word has to do with white people being enslaved.

Muslims dominated the slave trade until the 1500s when Europeans started to get involved. Black African rulers would capture slaves and then sell them to Arabs and Europeans. Let's take a look where the majority of slaves went:

Why don't we hear about slavery in other countries like Brazil?

So we have Black Africans selling conquered Black African tribes as slaves to Arabs and Europeans. Ironically, majority of them were not going to America or Europe. But nobody seems to care about that. Most people seem to be okay with Brazil leading the charge in the Transatlantic Slave Trade.

Slavery was ended by white people, in particular England. But for some reason we never hear about this. We only hear about how evil whites were for 6% of Southern whites owning black slaves (1.4% if including the North) at the height of slavery. One study concluded that 28% of free blacks owned slaves, which is a much higher percentage than free whites who owned slaves. For some reason we never hear about that study.

While we're at it, an interesting thing to point out is that the Republican Party was founded primarily to oppose slavery, and Republicans eventually abolished slavery. The Democratic Party fought them and tried to maintain and expand slavery. The 13th Amendment, abolishing slavery, passed in 1865 with 100% Republican support but only 23% Democrat support in congress.

Here's a few more interesting tidbits you may have missed in history class:

  1. Not one Democrat either in the House or the Senate voted for the 14th amendment declaring that former slaves were full citizens of the state in which they lived and were therefore entitled to all the rights and privileges of any other citizen in that state.
  2. Not a single one of the 56 Democrats in Congress voted for the 15th amendment that granted explicit voting rights to black Americans.
  3. In 1866 Democrats formed the Ku Klux Klan to pave the way for Democrats to regain control in the elections.

And if you want to be really factual, the most prominent places where slavery still exists are Africa and South Asia. So even though whites ended slavery, some countries still can't quite get enough of it.

Share of each country's population that is enslaved. Data source: Walk Free Global Slavery Index. (Max Fisher/The Washington Post)

Why don't people care about slavery and do something about it in these countries? Why are these people still practicing such barbaric behavior and why are people okay with that? Why do we hear about slavery all the time in the West, when slavery doesn't happen in the West and was ended in the West?

Just another day on planet Earth I suppose.

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Vanessa: Slavery is alive and Well in

Slavery is alive and Well in the West, Quinton, but now we call it "interning". It is packaged as something that is sold to people as a benefit, but the only people it benefits are privileged children who benefit from less privileged children being effectively "priced out" of the labour experience market (if you cannot afford to work for nothing, in many industries you forfeit the ability to land an entry level job and compete with the rich kids for advancement. Many industries are rich kids only clubs now.). The parents of privileged children who own the companies poorer children cannot afford to intern at also benefit through reduced labour costs and expanded profit margins! The only person getting screwed is the hard-working young person who refuses to bow to our new slavery system because working for free is bullshit. Unless they can mcguyver a self-employed living from a young age, they're damned if they do, and damned it they don't. Furthermore in developing nations, slavery is often so prevalent because in order to win needed contracts with foreign companies to provide work for the people, they must cut corners and lower costs to compete in the global "race to the bottom". Which results in forced labour as businesses try to keep their heads above water whilst contending with the ever escalating demands of foreign firms which comes coupled with ever lower compensation. The massive unsustainability of the entire system is moronic and mathematically impossible.

Zachariah: Slavery was invented in Africa by black people in Egypt

The first organized, government controlled slavery in the human race was in Egypt, so the Pharaohs could have BIG FLASHY tombs to be laid to rest in. There are no White people in Northern Africa, so slavery was invented by black people!!

Jango : That is a simple one.

That is a simple one. Because, "Whites" didn't end it. That's why.

Trevor Palacio : Thank you for sharing. I am

Thank you for sharing. I am black man who values all information

Anja McCubbin: You moron no one ended

You moron no one ended slavery, it mutated.

Anne: okay look - I really see this

okay look - I really see this as little bit petty. You obviously understand that slavery is a terrible, terrible thing. So why is this question necessary? White people owned slaves. This is a fact, and saying that other people/races/cultures did too does not make it better. I also have a problem with the fact that you made it all political. This issue is not a republican vs democrat issue. The US was a completely different place back when slavery was legal, and both parties have changed significantly since. I understand your anger in the focus on slavery in America as opposed to other countries/colonies but honestly, most people have moved past this terrible time in history and are focused on ending slavery today. Also, we are told about white people trying to end slavery in America. They are called "abolitionists". Look it up.

Jim: Why the question is necessary.
@Anne (view comment)

"White people owned slaves. This is a fact, and saying that other people/races/cultures did too does not make it better."
Nobody is saying that it does. People mention that all races practiced slavery just to illustrate how the indignation towards whites is baseless. Every race did it, so no race has any grounds to give any other race any shit for it, yet white people get shit for it to this day. That's merely a contradiction that warrants highlighting; nobody's trying to justify anything. The fact that whites attempted to end slavery is just a little ironic cherry on top that makes the contradiction even weirder.

Anonymous: Ok. Why dont we ever talk

Ok. Why dont we ever talk about slavery is Brazil?
Lots of people talk about slavery in Brazil and how people were brought their against their will, forced to work in sugar plantations and create wealth for wealthy Portuguese. Portugal is "the west", and Portuguese are white people. The reason people don't talk about slavery in Brazil as frequently as in the U.S. is because we don't live in Brazil, we live in the U.S. and many problems we face today are rooted in slavery.

Why don't we talk about how slavery happened all over the world? Well, some people do, but the different types of historical slavery you are referring to (slavs, arab slave traders) are just that different types. You see the Slavs you are referring to lost a war, and served as slaves under a different economic structure, that of feudalism. There is no evidence they were regularly beaten, families broken up and sold or considered inferior, or that the social order was for them to be slaves. Anyone being held against their will is abhorrent and Im not defending any type of slavery. However, the form of slavery that existed in the Americas and consisted of Africans was unique. It is called chattel slavery, in that the people were reduced to a commodity, their place as slaves justified into a moral code and their humanity reduced to being considered somehow less human and so not deserving of the same rights. These violent justifications still haunt our society today as implicit and explicit stereotypes of black folks that are used as justification for treating black folks with less respect and responding to them more aggressively. Furthermore, it was the slaves of the South that performed the free labour that made the production of tobacco and cotton profitable, which in turn provided raw materials for the industrial North and valuable exports that laid the foundation of a robust American economy. In no other form of slavery do we see this same extent of moral and economic injustice, and our country is still profiting from it.

Why dont we talk about how slavery still exists in other countries?
Yes it does and it exists in this country too. Lots of people talk about this, a lot. Human trafficking is a huge problem. Of course slavery that exists today is all illegal, unlike the legal slavery that existed in the U.S. Additionally many of these modern day slaves are forced to work in industries that eventually sell their products to the West. Clothing and fishing are two examples. I believe it is our duty to be vigilant to make sure we do not indirectly support slavery. Just because something bad exists somewhere else does not mean we should not constantly examine our own mistakes to be sure we do not repeat them.

Why do we not talk about how white people ended slavery?
We do. History books are almost exclusively about how white people ended slavery. They will mention Harriet Tubman or Sojourner Truth, but who is always credited with ending slavery in the U.S? Abraham Lincoln. But dont be fooled, many black folks fought for their freedom either through escaping or uprisings.

Affitionally if you could link me to the study citing that 28% of free blacks owned slaves, I would appreciate that. And on that note, there were fewer free blacks than whites, so even if only a few free blacks owned slaves the % would be higher.

martin black: White People didn't start slavery, WE ended it !

Black People should Thanks white's, instead of holding resentments against us. They were basically still in the pre-iron age , back in Africa. And thanks to our kindness, we have helped them make the greatest evolutionary jump, practically straight into the electronics age, without them having to do any of the work. People in south Africa still haven't ever even invented there on Weaving machine's needed for making cloth, such as sheets, cloths etc. Do they know how many years of trail and error, that it took for whites to invent all the things we have made and contributed to the world,? It seems that black's have perfected a fine Art, by establishing a false quilt, within the white People, and go around still today , somehow implying, that we owe them something. When actually, they should be Thanking us for allowing them, the greatest evolutionary jump, ever. In the history of mankind.

C MM: We should be the last bit of grateful.
@martin black (view comment)

I disagree with you.
Before whites came and "transformed" our land from rolling hills and tall trees to neighborhoods and shops, we were just fine.
We were living peacefully, you offered different ways of living for our riches.
And instead of keeping your promise, we became slaves to you, and whenever we became closest to the finish line of freedom, you would move it farther from us. There is no possible reason we should thank you for that. And, I guess we should also thank you for the way you forced black women to breastfeed white women's baby's so your breasts would be preserved, or how slave owners would rape black women to own more slaves and never take responsibility for having sex with them! Yeah, I'm not grateful. And you do owe us something like a thank you for the White House that we built that yet still today we haven't gotten credit for. It was the blacks who weren't paid a dime! We created hip hop and rap, all the songs you listen to on the radio, and yet still you think its appropiate to call us a nigger. I'm the last bit of grateful. You lied to us when you offered us freedom and education for our kids if we fought in war, we did, and when we came back, we weren't the last bit of free. You expect us to be grateful for that too?

MarvinJonesEsq: More advanced societies

More advanced societies including whites, blacks and others end slavery, indentured servitude, sweat shops and more. The more advanced societies throughout history have been white based societies.

bahja: Of course; Whites ended

Of course; Whites ended slavery and we thank you so much. We don't know what would we do without you guys. Oh, wait nevermind, I think I do know what would happen without you. WE WOULD STILL BE IN AFRICA! I mean, yeah you ended it but you also did it. You started slavery doing slavery because you clearly couldn't do all that work on your own and had a war. You also ended it after 200 years and as soon as it ended, you all lost a lot of money so if anyone should be thanking someone, you should be thanking us.

Kuranosuke: What?
@bahja (view comment)

First of all, Whites weren't the first to enslave sub-Saharan Africans, and certainly didn't invent slavery, as the post said. Second of all, what 'war' are you referring to? And another thing. The nations that ended slavery worldwide had already been abolished it in their own countries. Meaning that the 'official' eradication of slavery did not ruin those countries economies. And abolishing slavery was not a clean or swift process. It took the majority of the 19th century to end it in it's most evident form. By the way, Britain was the main abolitionist by far, and strong-armed multiple other nations into joining them. In fact, the worst culprit of slavery was probably the Muslims of North Africa.

Tyrhonius: We still have legal slavery

We still have legal slavery in US prisons. The 13th Amendment made sure slavery would live on in a different form. As a result, the US legal system targets African Americans for incarceration. Should we thank the good whites for that too?

Quinton Figueroa: How does it target African
@Tyrhonius (view comment)

How does it target African Americans?

C: Whites didn't end slavery

I respect your opinion, yet I disagree.
Whites didn't end slavery,
It was dedicated african americans who ended slavery.
It was the inspiring abolitionists like Harriet Tubman, Martin Luther King Jr, Rosa Parks and many more who were dedicated to fight for their rights.
We weren't regarded as people or citizens; should we thank you and be grateful for being taken captive on the land that belonged to us for years?
It was those who were forced to walk to school and were chased by buses, splashed by mud, embarrassed and humiliated to go to school as kids looked out of windows, laughing, yelling inappropriate names out of the windows.
I don't think we should be grateful after being disrespected and humiliated for years and never thanked for building the White House.

Kuranosuke: Okay...

Slavery does not solely apply to African Americans or Africans in general. I agree with you in that black abolitionists played a large part in ending slavery: in America. They did immeasurable good in creating and carrying the civil rights movement, and I don't argue with your description of discrimination. But did they end slavery around the world? Definitely not. Also, keep in mind that while governments of the European states aligned against slavery helped end it, so did normal people in those nations.

Kuranosuke: About Democrats

The party roles have virtually flipped from what they were 150 years ago. 'Democrats supported slavery', 'The party of Lincoln'. These are technically true statements, but do in no way reflect on the parties today. Nowadays, it's the Republicans who tend to support unobtrusive government, and the Democrats who support centralization. If you call yourself a Republican today, chances are you don't have the same views as Lincoln did.

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