Yeah that's right, Bitcoin. You don't need to use banks anymore in this day and age. So if you really are upset about the super rich 1% taking advantage of you by being a bank then stop using them. Stop using Bank of America, stop using Wells Fargo, stop using Chase. Just be done with it and switch your savings over to your own Bitcoin wallet that is completely outside of the control of the 1%.

If you're a socialist who is really mad about the 1% controlling your destiny and taking advantage of you then you don't need to support them anymore. And as long as you continue to bank with them you're voting for them to screw you.

So stop being upset at the super rich. Move off-bank and start banking without them. No more interest to bankers. No more fees to bankers. No more supporting bankers. Put your money where your mouth is and stop banking with the bankers and start embracing Bitcoin.

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