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People Logic...

Everyone was freaking out that someone let their 9-year old daughter shoot an Uzi, with an instructor. Sucks how that ended, but shit happens.

Yet it's totally okay to encourage, even evangelize sending 18-year old kids off to fight and die in wars of aggression against enemies that our Government has funded and created.

"Give us your guns! If not we'll send guys with guns who are trained to kill to take them from you by force."

Not to mention the "collateral damage", millions of innocent women and children dead as a result.

"Let's take the guns away from the people and only allow the right to use them to the people, who by far, are most likely to use them to kill innocent people".

How many people do the police kill every year? Find that stat for me, I'd love to see it. Funny how they don't keep track or make it public.

How many innocent people does the military kill each year? I'd love to see that stat, funny how they don't track it.

How is gun control enforced?

By thugs with guns, who happen to have the monopoly on the right to use deadly force legally.

Let's make this a moral argument...

Side 1: We'd like to own firearms to protect our family. To hunt. To collect. For whatever reason, it doesn't matter. We won't use them against innocent people. We don't want to be dependent on the state for our own self-preservation. They have a funny way of not protecting life.

Side 2: Give us your guns! If not we'll send guys with guns who are trained to kill to take them from you by force. If you do not comply we will kill you. We will use deadly force unless you relinquish your moral obligation to defend yourself and those you love to the loving, peaceful and incompetent hands of the state. Give us your guns or we'll use guns to take them!

Pretty black and white.

Morals not clear enough?

Let's look at the top 10 causes of death in the U.S. in 2009...

  1. Heart Disease: 598,607
  2. Tumors 568,668
  3. Lung disease 137,082
  4. Brain disease 128,603
  5. Accidents 117,176
  6. Alzheimer’s 78,889
  7. Diabetes 68,504
  8. Flu 53,582
  9. Kidney disease 48,714
  10. Suicide 36,547

1,836,372 From Top 10 Causes Of Death In 2009 in the US. With 2,436,652 total deaths.

The Top 10 Causes Of Death In The United States - Business Insider

While gun related deaths (homicide) were at 8,896 in 2012... .0036% of deaths in the U.S.

Guns in the United States

Depending on who you ask, death by democide (murder by Government) is at 262,000,000 from 1900-1999.

If you took gun homicides x 99 years you'd get 889,600 deaths over the same period. If you took the total number of all gun deaths in the US that are recorded, the most inflated number (32,163), and multiplied it by 99 you'd get 3,184,137 total deaths.

"You're close to 1,000 times more likely to be shot by your own Government than anyone else."

0.012% of ALL US gun deaths VS. democide over a 99 year sample.

You're close to 1,000 times more likely to be shot by your own Government than anyone else. That's a 100 year sample period.

Keep in mind democide doesn't include war.

If you want to include wars, throw in 160 million or so deaths, that's pre 9/11. Since then it's safe to say another 1.5 million (probably closer to 3 million+).

Jim Jeffries can sometimes be funny. I'd bet he wouldn't think having a SWAT team kick in his door while he's doing blow and getting 7-10 years for posession wouldn't be so funny. He'd probably re-think his stance on using violence by proxy of the state to force his beliefs on non-violent people.

Think all of that Government is evil shit is crazy talk from a bygone era?

-Patriot act.
-If you have a kid today I'd bet he's got a 50% shot at either being indoctrinated or forcefully conscripted into a meaningless war by the time he's an adult.
-NSA spying.
-Drug war.
-World's largest prison population (by far in history).
-Militarized police in every small town.
-Drones bombing countries 24/7 indiscriminately.
-Police killing daily. Wish they kept track of those numbers, too much paperwork I guess.
-New wars started almost monthly. Hi Syria!
-Gamers getting "SWATTED" as a new prank.
-Stop and frisk - cuz yo black yo.
-Operation Fast and Furious.
-Russia (AHHH!)
-The list is endless.

Yeah, government is great and benevolent and exists to serve the public. Let's give them the guns. Don't worry if some psycho is raping your family, 911's got your back.

Depend on them for security, welfare, retirement, pensions, education, transportation, healthcare and ESPECIALLY you and your families right to self-preservation, because they can do no wrong. Never have never will.

...People logic.

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Death to the new world order -

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