Matter is an illusion

What we view and perceive as matter is actually an illusion. Seeing things as solids or liquids or gases is an illusion. What we see is none of these things. A table isn't solid. Water isn't liquid. These things that we view with our eyes aren't what we think they are. We know that things are made up of many atoms. But these atoms aren't solid either. An atom is 99.99% empty space. An atom is made up of energy, not matter. So what we see is really atoms, and the atoms are mostly empty, and the atoms are energy, not matter. Everything we see on a day to day basis is an illusion.

People are an illusion

People are not what we think they are. When we look at somebody what are we really looking at? Are people the body that we see, or are they something else? When we really know somebody do we know them for how they look or for who they are? If somebody was to show up in a different body would we still know them? When we have fun with somebody what part of them are we having fun with? Is it their body, or is it the unseen hidden by the body? When somebody makes us laugh is it the seen or the unseen that creates this laughter? Are people their body? Or are they their mind? Or are they something beyond all these things? What really is the essence of a person and what really makes a person who they are?

Relationships are an illusion

Most of our relationships, especially intimate relationships, are an illusion. When we choose a partner for a relationship do we choose them based on the merits of their character or on the way they look? Do we base our relationships on something that is real or something that is an illusion? Are we better at choosing relationships with friends or are we better at choosing relationships with intimate partners? When we choose our friends we normally choose them based off their character. When we choose our spouses can we say the same? Would we spend time in our relationships if the person looked a different way? Would we still be involved with somebody if it wasn't for their illusion?

Religion is an illusion

The concept of religion is an illusion. Religion doesn't exist, it is a man-made structure placed on a universal reality. The idea that we need religion to reach heaven or to communicate with God is one of the greatest illusions in existence. Religion is an opinion on the universe. Anyone can have an opinion on the universe. Religion is not necessary to reach heaven or to communicate with God. Religion is hardly capable of accurately representing what heaver or God is. Religion is simply an illusion that in reality serves no purpose. Everything religion claims to help with can be learned or reached without religion.

Governments are an illusion

Governments are another unnecessary illusion. We think we need governments because we have never been without governments. We think we need government to do certain things because government has always done these things. Everyday we operate outside of governments in day to day affairs, but for some reason we think that we need the illusion of government at the core of our existence. Like religion, government is just a man-made construct that is only necessary so long as we think it is necessary. Everything we think we need government to do can be done without government. Government is just another illusion that we are unable to see beyond.

Education is an illusion

What we call education is a complete illusion. Memorization and trivia have very little to do with education. Learning things that don't interest us and moving up to jobs that don't make us happy is one of the greatest illusions there is. We don't educate people to be smart, we educate people to be robots. We don't educate people to think, we educate people to take orders. We don't educate people to create, we educate people to work with what is already created. Calling something education doesn't make it so. The greatest education can be done outside of education. Education is another illusion people fall into.


I could go on and on with illusions. Most of what we think we know we don't. Most of what we think we have right we really have wrong. Most of the things in this world are illusions that we think are correct when in reality they are incorrect. Once we break through this world of illusions we will finally begin to understand things as they are and for their true worth.

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House of Cards: No

The Bible says 'It is the fool that says in his heart that there is no GOD'.
And the Bible also says ' I know the thoughts I have for you, thoughts of hope and an expected end'
God is real not an illusion and all those who think otherwise can look to nature in all its complexity and realize it needed a creator

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