We've bootstrapped our Series A seed round to finance the next big pointless app

Look, I'm all for people starting businesses and attempting to build value through business. I think that's fantastic and awesome, that's what pretty much everyone should be doing. But the way some people do it is just wrong.

Startups usually focus on everything but the business itself: raising money, shiny new offices, flashing cards and promotional material and lots of fun things for employees to do instead of work. Startups remind me of the spoiled kids who go to college and never actually do work or learn. They remind me of kids that don't actually sit down and reach deep into themselves something new. These startup people are the parrots at colleges who just do what everyone else does and think that they are creating value by following the crowd.

These are the people who try to sell you on why doing something that isn't necessary is necessary. What it really comes down to is people selling you on a bad idea and a bad business. No I don't want another Facebook. No you're not doing it better than eBay. No you're not the next Amazon. No, you're not going to beat Google at search. No you're not the next big app. And on and on and on.

I've wrapped the big data from SSD to the mobile app that will push encrypted updates from the cloud over 4G via SSL

Stop trying to do what has already been done. Stop trying to force business because you went to business school. Stop trying to raise money. Instead stop and go where nobody else is going. Step away from everyone and do something real businessmen do: tread your own path.

Have you ever noticed that all these college students who go to business school always focus 95% of their efforts on raising money and 5% of their efforts on the business itself? You don't need money to start a business. Contrary to popular belief, you can start a business with next to nothing. You just need to start executing and innovate. But that's not fun so count startups out.

Going green, going social, going bankrupt...

I see a lot of these startups on Shark Tank too. These startups think that because they are green or focused on giving back to poor people that their business is somehow worthy and noble. Following the political trends that your political masters set for you is not innovative and not worthy of building a business. Sure, you may raise some money and get some gullible to go along with it, but it wont last.

And then of course you have the startups that all copy each other and try to all be the fun, lively and laid back places where people go to have a good time. All the startups are hip because they let you bring your pets to work and they're awesome because they offer food and games. Somehow when the company runs out of money in 2 years it's not so cool.

You can't just try to turn every whim you have into a business. So stop worrying about raising money and having startup culture. Just get to work and build something great.

Sometimes you actually have to dig a bit deeper and search a bit harder to come up with a business. Sometimes you have to fail 10 times before you finally hit a business that makes a profit. But when you do it will all be worth it.

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